G Suite Tips & Tricks!

UAlberta’s G Suite implementation is one of the largest, and most active in Canada. With over 200,000 UAlberta CCID’s using G Suite for Education, we’re certain there’s some tips and tricks that could make G Suite applications work even better for you! We’ve assembled some quick and easy how-to videos created by Google themselves showcasing useful features. Whether you’re a seasoned G Suite user, or new to the Google universe, there’s bound to be a tip here for you! 

Keep an eye on IST’s G Suite news to learn the latest tips, tricks, and updates for UAlberta G Suite. Additional information about Gmail and confidential mode can be found at the Gmail Learning Center and the Gmail Help Center.


Schedule Send in Gmail

Create Events from your Inbox in Gmail

Change your Layout in Gmail

Find Emails from Specific Senders in Gmail

Google Calendar

Create and Share a Group Calendar

Add Tasks in Google Calendar

Change an Event’s Default Duration

Google Drive

Make Someone Else the Owner of your File in Google Drive

Set File Expiration Dates in Google Drive

Use Advanced Search in Google Drive

Google Docs

Turn on Comment Notifications in Google Docs

Translate a Google Doc

Use Suggestion Mode in Google Docs

Name Document Versions in Google Docs

See Changes Made in Google Docs

Google Slides

Mention Users via Comments in Google Slides

Copy Selected Slides in Google Slides

Skip Slides in Google Slides

Google Sheets

View a Cell’s Edit History in Google Sheets

Highlight a Chart Slice in Google Sheets

Use Conditional Formatting in Google Sheets

Get Notified in Google Sheets

Use Slicers in Google Sheets

Google Meet

Record a Meeting in Hangouts Meet

Chat in Hangouts Meet