Learning Assessment Centre Reopening September 1

With the upcoming 2021 Fall semester, we are pleased to announce the Learning Assessment Centre (LAC) will reopen on September 1, 2021 for online examinations!

What is the LAC?

The LAC is a digital testing facility designed to serve all instructors or departments who are considering flexible online assessments for their courses. The LAC provides live-in-person proctoring and technical support to students while testing. The LAC can administer exams on eClass and ExamLock, meaning students do not need to use their own device or deal with complex remote proctoring setup.

Who does the LAC serve?

The LAC is designed to serve any department (or specific courses within a department) that is considering or intending to continue using online assessments. The assessments must be in a flexible format, where students can book their own time slot over a specific exam window, usually 3 to 5 business days.

What is the cost?

Proctoring at the LAC comes at a cost of $2 per student, per exam, billed to the department.

Why is it Innovative?

The LAC provides a comprehensive, computer-based suite of services that meets the specific needs of instructors and students as well as supports the rapid expansion of online assessments.

Here are reasons why the LAC is innovative:

Customized Experience - Each instructor has specific and unique requirements for how they want the assessment to be conducted. The LAC tailors the delivery of assessments to those needs.

Large Classes - Flexible Delivery - Over the past several years, the LAC has administered midterm and final exams to the University of Alberta MOOCs accommodating 1,200 students at times that are convenient to students while still maintaining the security of the exam. This is accomplished through creating multiple exam forms, randomization of exam questions and answers, and our flexible scheduling system.

Convenience for Students - Our online booking system allows students to select exam times that are convenient for them. When they login to eClass and navigate to their course page, they can click on the “Book your exam” link and find which exam they are booking for, and which dates/times are available. This gives students the flexibility to book their exam when it works best for them.

Remote Proctoring - Proctorio is a fully customizable remote proctoring option that is available to the U of A campus. There are two main scenarios in which Proctorio can be used.

  • Scenario 1: Should a student NOT be able to attend their exam in person at the LAC because of extreme circumstances, they may have the option to write the exam from home using Proctorio. In most cases, the instructor would need to approve the student’s remote exam request and the cost ($15) would be covered by that student.
  • Scenario 2: The department has approved the use of Proctorio for their exams and will pay the fee ($7) per student, per exam. In this case, students may have the option of writing their exam in person at the LAC or from home using Proctorio.

Please contact edlac@ualberta.ca for inquiries about the LAC or to book your exams with us!