Don't Delay — Start Planning Computing Needs for Fall

Increased global demand for computing products and corresponding supply chain issues are resulting in significant delivery delays of necessary equipment like desktops, laptops, webcams and monitors.

With a large number of people around the world working and doing school from home, there has been an increased demand globally for computing equipment since the start of the pandemic. The computer market saw its largest growth in a decade. At the same time, there have been shortages worldwide of components needed to build computers (and other items like microwaves, electronics, toys, etc.). The issue has been compunded further by impacts to shipping by sea and by air. Experts suggest this scenario will persist for most of 2021.

Information Services & Technology (IST) has recently been made aware of 2-3 month delivery delays for desktops and laptops. Certain monitors are delayed by as much as 4-6 months. To help minimize impacts to your areas, it is important to pre-plan and place any orders for computing requirements well ahead of needing them.  

IST is working on desktop and laptop purchasing standards with our suppliers which may lessen some of these delays going forward. This information will be shared with you all in the very near future.  

If you require assistance or have any questions please contact me directly.

Tim Jenkins

Director IT Service Excellence