Celebrating our IT community

Showcasing the exceptional work that was recognized at the 2023 IT Awards.

Here at the University of Alberta, thousands of individuals, from students and staff to faculty, researchers and the wider public, rely on our IT systems every day to connect and share vital information. When these systems operate seamlessly, it usually goes unnoticed — so we’re shining a well-deserved spotlight on the talented IT professionals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make it all possible.

From enrollment season to financial year end, teams across the university have worked hard not just to keep our systems running but to improve and innovate on them. On behalf of each and every member of our university community, thank you! Your incredible efforts and unwavering commitment to leading with purpose do not go unnoticed.

The IT Awards are our opportunity to showcase the great work of IT professionals on our campuses. Please join me in recognizing all of our IT Award recipients this year.


IT Ambassador Award

Sherri Honeychurch

Senior IT Partner, IT Service Excellence

“Sherri brings incredible value to IST, the College of Health Sciences and the university community as a whole. I am glad to have her support us when it comes to interacting with a wide range of health-oriented clients and would love to see this work publicly recognized. I strongly believe Sherri meets all the requirements, and then some, to be considered for the 2023 IT Ambassador Award.”

Michael Spaling (Team Lead, Information Security)

Jason Ross

Senior Automation Solutions Analyst, Enterprise Applications

“Working with Jason makes doing my job better. Not only is he very smart and capable, but he is a wonderful human. His initiative, skills, knowledge and ability to problem solve, think through processes and pay attention to the details and nuances make him a tremendous support. In addition, his good nature, sense of humour, empathy and kindness make him an excellent colleague to work with.”

Andrea Riewe (Executive Coordinator, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research)


IT Innovation Award

Jamie Stewart and the Learning Design Studio

Caregiver-Centred Care Education

“I have worked with Jamie Stewart and his team for the last four and a half years. I cannot think of anyone or any group at the University of Alberta who better exemplifies the ‘innovative use of hardware and software technology to successfully deploy major IT projects with significant impact to research, teaching, administration and the university experience.’”

Dr. Sharon Anderson (Department of Family Medicine)


IT Client Service Award (Individual)

Christianne Ussher

Learning Space Support Analyst, Teaching and Learning Services

“Our entire office recognizes Christianne as being pivotal to the success of our office operations this past year. His passion to go above and beyond is evident, and the numerous successful projects he has led for us have made him an irreplaceable member of our team. His reliability, friendliness and professionalism all go hand in hand, making him someone we feel reassured to handle all our technological situations time and time again.”

Vi Tran (Administrative Assistant II, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry)

Janet Lam

Research IT Advisor, Faculty of Nursing

“Janet has been an integral part of the FON team for the last 25+ years. She is known for highly professional and thorough work overlaid with her friendly and outgoing personality. She provides a level of support that is second to none. Janet's involvement in the FON's transition to IST was integral for its success as she brought her technical expertise as well as her critical ability to provide a measure of calm to what was a stressful experience for many researchers.”

Shannon Scott (Professor and Vice Dean, Faculty of Nursing)


IT Client Service Award (Team)

Endpoint Evergreen Project Team

“The overwhelming success of this project, and now ongoing program, was due largely to a team approach. Tashie and team embraced the challenge. While the outcomes of the project are obviously beneficial to IST, this project launched a program that introduced an efficient service, providing high value for end users. Through continual examination of processes, the team has ensured a primary focus on an excellent customer service experience. I can't say enough good things about the group of people assigned to this work and the outcome has exceeded expectations.”

Tim Jenkins (Director, IT Service Excellence)


IT Unsung Hero Award

Brandon Boyko

Information Technology Support Analyst, Shared Services

“Brandon Boyko's impact on the IT department goes beyond his technical accomplishments. His commitment to mentorship and open communication has played an invaluable role in fostering a culture of growth and excellence within the team. By creating an environment of collaboration, support and continuous learning, Brandon has made a lasting difference in the lives and careers of his colleagues.”

Matt Allan (Team Lead, IT Service Desk)


IT Distinguished Career Award

Raymond Richmond

Manager, Digital Network and Data Centre Services

“Raymond has shown an outstanding commitment to foundational technology services that are critical to the function of the university. He has demonstrated innovation and leadership as long as I’ve known him and continues to step up despite all the changes we're currently facing. Raymond supports his colleagues no matter how new or experienced they may be. He has a strong track record of providing outstanding services to our institution. We hope this nomination gets accepted and Raymond receives recognition for an exceptional career from which we have all benefited.”

Michael Spaling (Team Lead, Information Security)


Congratulations to all our winners for your extraordinary work this year — you have turned the challenges of the year into opportunities for learning, growth and innovation.

Many thanks as well to all of our nominators! Without you, this event would not be possible. More importantly, the excellence and achievements of U of A IT staff and innovators would go uncelebrated. I encourage all of you here today to nominate your own colleagues next year and join us in showcasing the amazing stories unfolding every day on our campuses.

Mike MacGregor
AVP & Chief Information Officer


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