SPOT surveys for fall 2023 courses are now open!

14 November 2023

Complete your SPOT survey

The Student Perspectives of Teaching (SPOT) surveys gather feedback on courses to help instructors, departments and faculties improve curriculum and instruction. The SPOT surveys are an opportunity for students to make their voice heard and provide valuable feedback making a difference in the curriculum for future students.

For this term, SPOT surveys are open from November 24 to December 8 for most courses.

Students will receive an email with a list of their courses and a link to provide feedback on their courses and instruction. The SPOT surveys are anonymous and should take less than ten minutes to complete.

As a reminder, survey questions changed as of July 1, 2023 and now consists of six sections with three questions in each section, for a total of 18 questions. You can learn more about this change and why it was implemented here.

If you are an instructor, please note that during the 2022-23 academic year, instructors were strongly encouraged to use 15 minutes of class time; this is the final semester of a strong recommendation as we transition to this new tool. Starting in winter 2024, all courses will be required to dedicate 15 minutes of class time for completion of the survey, and instructors are not permitted to be present during this class time. This communicates the importance of the activity to students and has shown to be an effective way to encourage participation.

For any questions, please contact