Information Management and Records Checklist

The FOIP Act and the University of Alberta UAPPOL Records Management Policy requires that all university employees ensure that University assets (physical records, mobile devices) are appropriately secured and protected while in transit.

   Transport and Workspace Considerations

  • Follow protocol for attending campus if you need to prepare campus work space for return Safety Measures General Directives | COVID-19 Information (
  • If transporting University assets such as physical records, mobile devices, etc., from a remote work environment back to the university, ensure that the assets are securely locked in the vehicle and are transported directly to the university office space (limit stop-offs)
  • Ensure mobile devices are encrypted prior to transporting, and stored securely in the university workspace.

   Storage, Filing and Protection of University Records

University records must be securely stored in University’s networks and records systems:

  • Very few physical records should have been created while working remotely. If physical records were created or received and require filing, ensure these physical records are stored in appropriate systems or locations (eg. file room or locked cabinet).
  • Other physical information such as printed drafts, duplicates or transitory records should be identified, removed from remote work locations and securely shredded (not recycled).
  • Ensure that no University records/information are stored on personal or loaned  machine hard drives. Remember to transfer University Records to systems (such as Google Shared Drives), and delete University-related transitory records and other materials from downloads folders, recycle bins, desktops from any loaner or personal devices.

   Managing and Reducing/Removing Transitory Records

Ensure that information managed in google drive while working remotely continues to be managed in accordance with university guidance and policy.

For more information or guidance, contact: 

Information & Privacy Office 

University Records Office