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We have recently upgraded our IST Self Service Portal. Follow one of the options below to receive IT support.

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If your request is urgent, please call IST at 780-492-9400.

New to IST Support?

Use these questions to guide you through what support with IST is like.

How does IST provide support?

IST Self Service Portal
Search Knowledge and submit service requests. Available 24 / 7.

Vera Chatbot 24*7*365
Live Chat available 7:30am - 6:00pm


Available 7:30am - 6:00pm

What happens when I report an issue?

An “issue” means something is broken and action needs to be taken to fix it.
To resolve issues, we take the following actions:

Issues are reported through the IST portal. You can report an issue here.

What happens when I submit a request?

A “request” means you are requesting a service or information about a service.
To respond to requests, we take the following actions:

Service requests are available for several IST services through the Self Service Portal. Simply search for the request type in our Service Catalog. If you don’t see the request type you’re looking for, you can use our generic submit a request form.

What are IST’s response times?

When you report an issue (something is broken), your call is assigned a priority and we will meet the following response times 80% of the time:

Priority Code Response Time
Priority 1 (P1/Major Incident) 2 Hours
Priority 2 (P2/High ) 24 Hours
Priority 3 (P3/Medium) 3 Days
Priority 4 (P4/Low) 5 Days
Priority 5 (P5/Planning) 30 Days

Note: Response means acknowledgement of the issue and initial diagnosis/confirmation of the issue - resolution times vary depending on the complexity, priority and details of the issue. These response times do not apply for requests, only issues.

What is remote support?

IST aims for a remote first support model, meaning before we come to you in-person to resolve your issue, we will first attempt to solve the problem through remote access. This will be done via a remote desktop tool. The analyst supporting you will send you a link to the remote support tool at the time of your support session.

Should we be unable to resolve your issue remotely, we will schedule a time to resolve your issue in-person.

How can I be notified of service outages?

IT Pulse emails subscribers notifications should there be any service degradations, outages or major updates occurring. Click here to subscribe.

You can also visit the Service Status Dashboard for information on the current status of IST managed services.