Online Surveys

In support of the University of Alberta’s research, administration, and teaching and learning, TSQS offers online survey services to the UAlberta community and external institutions.


In agreement with the researcher/stakeholder of the project, the survey tool deemed most appropriate will be used. Our online survey tools comply with the University of Alberta’s research and data management policies.

To have a survey created and administered by TSQS, please contact us at

To create a general survey, the following information is normally required:

  • A Word or PDF file that illustrates the design of the survey, including administrative text, questions, and branching.
  • Logos and images (.jpg format).
  • Project timeline,including start and end date of the project.
  • An indication of whether the response file should be returned in Excel or in SPSS format. (This should be indicated before we set up the survey.)
  • Research Ethics Approval project review.
  • Information and Privacy Office use of private information review.
  • Name of principal investigator (UAlberta researcher) or project stakeholder.)
  • An Excel file that contains a list of email addresses of potential participants. We will augment this list with unique passwords to ensure that only the intended audience responds to the survey, and that each participant submits only one set of responses.
  • A speedcode to recover our charges.

TSQS will keep a backup of the survey instrument (to re-use in longitudinal studies) and data for 5 years. All contact information (names and emails) will be destroyed once the project is concluded.

Online Survey Features

Our survey tools allow users to build, distribute, analyze, and report, these online surveys enable collaboration and reporting in real-time, as well as exporting data in multiple formats.


  • Create new projects and determine the question display and behavior.
  • Over 20 question types ranging from multiple choice (single and multiple responses), to text entry, drill down, group and rank, and interaction with images.
  • Add question-based logic and survey flow elements.
  • Manage quotas and authenticators to control who can complete your survey.
  • Incorporate scoring, math operations, and custom validation to automatically evaluate your collected responses.
  • Survey experience can be delivered in several languages.
  • Upload, edit, and sample recipient information to manage who receives survey invitations, and what additional information can be used and captured in a survey response.
  • Distribution can be done by using QR codes, SMS invitations, and the Qualtrics Offline App to reach your respondents on the go.
  • Data & Analysis tab, apply weighting to your dataset, and edit previously collected responses with ease.
  • Analyzing open-ended responses.
  • Advance visualizations and reporting.


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