Summative Assessments


Online Exams

Look into arranging an online exam for your students’ next assessment. Known to increase comfort, efficiencies, and convenience for instructors as well, online exams are a flexible solution.

  • eClass Exams  eClass
    eClass offers different methods for administered digital exams, including through quizzes or our ExamLock application. Learn more here.
  • Learning Assessment Centre
    The University’s testing centre provides secure digital exam services that are convenient and comfortable for students, as well as friendly and efficient for instructors.
  • IST Labs & Classrooms
    With a variety of seating sizes and software options available, book space in computer labs and classrooms across the university that accommodate your needs.
  • Registrar’s Office Exam Guidelines for Instructors
    To facilitate delivery, follow the Registrar’s Office’s suggested guidelines for administering exams.

Multiple Choice Exams

Popular for providing reliable and valid measures of achievement in many courses, TSQS users Optimate Mark Reader technology to capture and score responses.