Find Housing

The type of housing available to you while abroad will depend on your program. Here is a short list to give you an idea of what options could be available to you:

On-Campus Housing

  • Typically, students live on-campus in regular university dorms with other international and domestic students. This is a great way for you to meet new people and make friends!
  • On-campus housing often can be arranged with the host institution when you apply to Education Abroad or after we nominate you. In some cases, you can select the residence you would like to live in, while in other cases, you'll be automatically assigned a residence.
  • Students do not typically get to request roommates. If you are going abroad with a friend, you may not be assigned to the same room or residence.

TIP: It is important to adhere to the host institution's housing application process and deadlines, especially in destinations where there are housing shortages.


  • Homestays are required for certain programs. You will find that information on each program page in our Program Finder.
  • Homestays encourage community interaction and a greater understanding of the local culture.
  • All homestay families have been vetted and approved by the host institution.

Homestays can also be an affordable option if you're participating in a program where you get to choose your own accommodation.

Off-Campus Housing

You can also choose to live off-campus (i.e. with family or in your own apartment), but you would be responsible for finding your accommodations. The host institution might have resources for off-campus housing but cannot guarantee quality or placement.

If you're thinking of living off-campus, you may want to:

  • make sure you understand the local rental/leasing policies and legal implications
  • be aware of the length of your commute to and from your host institution
  • think carefully about the kind of experience you want to have abroad and what type of accommodation will best suit your needs.

Note: If you are going abroad as a couple or with your family, you may have to consider off-campus housing options. Some host institutions provide housing for couples and families, while others do not.