Get Your Visa, Work Permit, or Study Permit

When you go abroad to certain countries you may require specific immigration and travel documents to study or work in that country.

These documents might include:

  • an Entry Visa to enter the country
  • a Permit or Visa to study or work in the country
  • a Resident Permit or registration after arrival in the host country

Check with the nearest embassy or consular office of the host country to find out about the documents needed.

Plan Ahead

Having the right documentation prior to going abroad is very important. Education Abroad does not administer or facilitate visa applications. As you plan for your education abroad program, here are few important things to note:

  • Applying for visas and permits often requires you to mail your passport and documentation to the nearest embassy or consulate, or even sometimes travelling in-person to the nearest embassy or consulate outside of Edmonton or Alberta
  • Certain countries may require specific documents in order to receive a visa, which may take a while to put together
  • Processing times for visas and permits can also range from several weeks to months
  • Find out what immigration documents you might need so you'll have your passport back in time for your travels. You won't be able to leave Canada without your passport.
  • Immigration requirements vary by country and change frequently. Always follow instructions outlined by the host institution or the embassy/consulate very carefully.