UAM Summer Internship Blog 2023: Hit the Ground Running

Meet Katja Mueller the University of Alberta Museums Summer 2023 Intern.

Hey everyone! My name is Katja Mueller and this year I am pleased to announce that I am the University of Alberta Museums Summer 2023 Intern! Over the coming months, I will be documenting and sharing my experiences as the Summer Intern as I undertake projects in many collections across campus. 

This Fall I’ll be entering my fourth year of a BSc in Human Ecology, majoring in Clothing, Textiles, and Material Culture, and pursuing a Certificate in Sustainability. In this program, I have had the opportunity to explore the global fashion and textiles industry, studying how clothing and textiles are designed, manufactured, sold, and used.  

The past two weeks of the internship were focused on orientation, online training modules, and my first project: the University of Alberta Museums Art Collection (UAMAC) book inventory. During this project, I catalogued the book resources for the U of A Museums Art Collection, which gave me my first taste of information/collections management, as it was focused on online access and digitization. 

The first two weeks passed by quickly, and now I will head off to the E.H. Strickland Entomological Museum and Freshwater Invertebrates to start my first projects in campus collections! Keep an eye out for a bug-focused blog, along with other blogs throughout the summer!


Collage of first blog post.

A page from Katja's summer scrapbook - a collection of images and text detailing her projects with the U of A Museums this summer.