Applicant & Enrolment Reporting

The Office of the Registrar and the Strategic Analysis Office have made significant improvements to the Applicant Statistics and Enrolment Management Reports. Published in Tableau, the information is presented in a variety of interactive visualizations called dashboards.

Reports are accessed via Acorn Tableau. View reports »

The data contained in these reports is unofficial and for internal use only.

Access to these reports is restricted: You must be logged into your University of Alberta email/apps account in the browser you are using. If you attempt to download a report and are directed to a generic Google login page, please visit, login with your Campus Computing ID (CCID), and then return to download the file that you wish to access.

Previous Reports

The previous Applicant Statistics and Enrolment Management Reports are currently still available.

Fall 2013 and Spring/Summer 2014 Enrolment Management Reports with Comparative Data for All Students, Indigenous, Study Permit (excluding Exchange) are currently still available.