Winter 2021 In-Person Courses

Undergraduate and Graduate

While many courses will be delivered remotely for Winter 2021, we will continue to prioritize in-person learning where it is essential for program completion or progression; and, we will explore all opportunities to increase our current roster of in-person course offerings on our campuses to maximize student learning (lectures, graduate research, practicums, experiential placements, etc.) within public health guidelines. You can now view an updated list below, which includes the majority of Winter 2021 courses that have an in-person component. Search the table below for a list of Winter 2021 courses that have an in-person component. You will also see this information reflected in Bear Tracks within your student registration. 

The following FAQs should help answer some of your initial questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my course will be remote?

In Bear Tracks, courses and course components with in-person delivery will be available within student registration. For remote delivery, the Location will appear as Remote. This update will be complete by November 13.

Remote screenshot

How do I know if my course will be in person?

In Bear Tracks, courses and course components with in-person delivery will be available  within student registration. Courses with an in-person component will have an updated Class Note to indicate that there is in-person content.  This update will be complete by November 13. You can also view the searchable list on this page. 

  • The Class Notes provide the most important and helpful information. If a course occurs at a campus other than the North Campus, this will also be indicated. For example, ‘This class offers in-person content at the Augustana Campus’. 
  • The first example shows a course when details have been assigned.
  • The second example shows a course that does not have time or location specifics (For example: individual study for research). In these instances, students have typically already been and will continue to be in contact with their instructor. 
In person
Why are only some courses offered in person?
Due to current health guidelines, we are not able to offer in-person courses for all students in Winter 2021. In-person courses are being offered when pedagogically necessary in support of program completion and program progression and delivery can occur while protecting the health and safety of students, faculty and staff.
What is the university doing to ensure health and safety for in-person courses?

On our campus safety page, you will find a list of the essentials; what you need to know about campus safety protocols before and during a visit to U of A campuses. There is a two-minute video that you are required to view if you are participating in in-person learning activities this fall, and links to helpful and required resources.

Will my course change delivery format part way through the term?
As long as health and safety guidelines remain the same/are not reduced, your course delivery method will remain consistent throughout the term. If provincial health authorities require the university to stop in-person delivery, we are making plans to ensure that a transition to remote delivery would be as smooth as possible.
What if my course has in-person content but I won’t be able to be on-campus?
We know that there may be circumstances that prevent you from attending in-person. If this is your situation, please contact your instructor to make alternative arrangements to allow you to complete the course outcomes.