Health Insurance Requirements

The University of Alberta requires all incoming exchange students to enroll in the University of Alberta Health Insurance Plan (UAHIP). UAHIP is a mandatory health insurance that is similar to the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) provided by the Government of Alberta. AHCIP provides coverage for students residing in Alberta for longer than 12 months and UAHIP is for students who will stay in Alberta for 12 months or less.

The details of the UAHIP plan can change from year to year and might not yet be known for the period during which you plan to be here on exchange (coverage details are usually finalized sometime in August every year). When the details are known, you'll be able to find out about them through the UAHIP brochure we provide on our webpage describing UAHIP. In the meantime, please note the following potential limitations about UAHIP so that you can ensure that you have appropriate health insurance coverage prior to arriving in Alberta:

1) Prescription medication has a certain maximum coverage per calendar year. In the past, it has only been covered up to $500.
2) Regular dental care services (e.g., checkups, cleanings, fillings, x-rays), eyeglasses, and frames or contact lenses are not covered.  In addition, we recommend that you are up to date with any immunizations/vaccinations that you may need prior to your arrival as some are not covered by the plan.
3) It will not provide you with coverage while you are in transit on your way to and from your exchange at the University of Alberta.  The purchase of traveller's health insurance is recommended.
4) UAHIP might not provide you with sufficient coverage for any existing medical conditions (e.g., diabetes, cancer, etc.) that you might have.
5) It might not cover all of your medical needs for travel outside of Alberta during your exchange.

You are encouraged to acquire supplementary coverage for your exchange before you leave home, as options for purchase in Canada will be limited.

As soon as possible after your arrival to the University of Alberta we encourage you to set up a Canadian bank account. Any reimbursements for UAHIP claims will need to be deposited electronically into a Canadian bank account.