Important information for applicants:

  • For undergraduate applications for a research-based experience, a written institutional collaboration and student exchange agreement or memorandum of understanding between the Canadian institution and the candidate's home institution is desirable but not mandatory. Instead of an agreement, you will be required to provide a Letter of Invitation from the University of Alberta professor who has agreed to supervise you.
  • For graduate applications, an inter-institutional agreement is desirable but not mandatory. If there is no existing exchange agreement, graduate applications which involve a new or established collaboration between professors from a Canadian institution and the candidate's home institution will be accepted.
  • Applications and required supporting documents should be submitted directly to University of Alberta International by candidates or their home institution through our electronic application form. Applications entered directly by candidates through Momentum, the Government's scholarship portal, will not be accepted. The University of Alberta International is responsible for submitting eligible applications received before our internal deadline through Momentum on the candidate's behalf.
  • Student applicants must be enrolled full-time in their proposed degree program at the time of application. For example, if the application period falls during a gap between the student's Master's and PhD enrollment, unfortunately, they will not be deemed eligible for the 2022-2023 scholarship year. If this situation applies to you, CBIE recommends applying next year.
  • Scholarships cannot be deferred and are not renewable.
  • Priority will be given to candidates who have not previously received a scholarship under any Global Affairs Canada scholarship program.
  • Scholarships are not taxable for either the Canadian institution or the scholarship recipient.

Please review the specific eligibility for each of these programs by clicking on the name of the scholarship:

Canada-ASEAN Scholarships and Educational Exchanges for Development (SEED)

Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP)

Study in Canada Scholarships (SiCS)

Terms and Conditions

For selected candidates, the following terms and conditions must be met during the period of the scholarship.

The Canadian post-secondary institution must:

  • be a Designated Learning Institution;
  • have a valid student exchange agreement with the candidate’s home institution that waives tuition fees for scholarship recipients. For college and undergraduate research applications with no agreement, a letter issued by the Canadian institution’s international office or equivalent will be accepted; and
  • inform both the candidate and the home institution of any mandatory fees that, in exceptional cases, cannot be waived, prior to applying for a scholarship on the candidate's behalf.

Scholarship recipients:

  • must engage in full-time studies or research as defined by the Canadian institution;
  • must be proficient in the language of instruction at the Canadian institution (English or French) before their arrival in Canada, as the scholarship does not cover language training. Language requirements are set by each Canadian institution;
  • in pharmacy, medicine, dentistry or other health fields are excluded from clinical training or clinically-oriented research involving direct patient-care;
  • may not hold any other scholarship granted by the Government of Canada;
  • enrolled in courses must arrive in Canada by September for the fall semester or by January for the winter semester;
  • conducting research must arrive in Canada for the uptake of their award no later than February 1. Failure to arrive during this time may result in the cancellation of the scholarship;
  • must ensure that they have appropriate health insurance for the full duration of the scholarship, as per the policies of the Canadian institution; and
  • must focus primarily on full-time studies or research during their stay in Canada.
  • are expected to return to their home institutions after the scholarship period in order to complete their studies.

Any questions?

Please direct all inquiries regarding the eligibility requirements to scholarships-bourses@cbie.ca or 1-613-237-4820.