For Host Supervisors

Application Process

Please refer to the How to Apply instructions for details.

Have you been asked to provide a Letter of invitation for a research candidate? Please see below:

  • Letter of invitation from the Canadian supervisor: University of Alberta International requires that applications for both undergraduate and graduate students must include a letter from the Canadian supervisor indicating their willingness to support and mentor the candidate. This letter must be on institutional letterhead, be in English or in French, be signed, and demonstrate the support for the candidate during the research exchange period and demonstrate how the Canadian institution, supervisor, and peers will benefit (strict maximum one page).
  • Faculty members are encouraged to download a Letter of Invitation Template here to ensure the maximum one page letter includes all necessary content/criteria.
  • Faculty members should then share this one-page Letter of Invitation directly with the research candidate they are supportive of hosting by no later than March 5, 2024
  • Faculty members may host more than one research candidate through this program, and may provide a Letter of Invitation to more than one candidate. Host professors who provide support for more than one applicant will be asked to rank their applicants.
  • In addition to this letter, the student candidate is responsible for completing and submitting the required application documents to UAI through our Horizons research internship application system by the relevant deadline (March 6, 2024).

Results, Invitation & Host Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Global Affairs Canada requires the Canadian institutions to provide a ranked list of applicants. Host professors who provide support for more than one applicant will be asked to rank their applicants. 
  • UAI will notify Host Supervisors and Candidates of the competition results in June 2024.
  • UAI will guide the successful candidate(s) and their host supervisor(s) through the invitation and immigration application process.
  • UAI will initiate the invitation process with HR Immigration Services on the behalf of the Host Supervisor
  • UAI will complete the campus registration process including the creation of a guest CCID, payment of the ONEcard fee, and submission of the Person of Interest (POI) eform
  • UAI will handle the scholarship payment process to visiting international research award recipients
  • Candidates will normally be invited as Research Award Recipients and must obtain a work permit for stays of more than 120 calendar days, or apply for a visitor visa with a Global Skills Strategy Short-term (120 day) work permit exemption for researchers; see Immigration Services .
  • The appropriate category for invitation will be determined after nomination/application.
  • Candidate's research may commence as early as August 1 but no later than February 1.

UAlberta faculty members and staff with additional questions are welcome to contact the UAlberta International staff that look after this portfolio at for more information.