Award Winning Researchers

2016 McCalla Professor

Wendy Hoglund's (Psychology) research and teaching scholarship have been in area of social and emotional development (e.g., social competence, emotion regulation, aggression, anxiety) in childhood and adolescence. Community-based research is the cornerstone of her scholarship that aims to inform evidence-based programs and practices to enhance the development of vulnerable children and adolescents. Dr. Hoglund's research specifically examines how social settings and conditions can enhance or undermine the development of vulnerable children and adolescents.

  • 2015: Catherine Kellogg (Political Science)
  • 2014: Yasmeen Abu-Laban (Political Science)
  • 2013: Margriet Haagsma (History and Classics)
  • 2012: Nora Stovel (English and Film Studies)

Killam Annual Professorships

  • 2015: John Considine (English and Film Studies
  • 2014: Kevin Haggerty (Sociology)
  • 2013: Yasmeen Abu-Laban (Political Science)
  • 2013: Imre Szeman (English and Film Studies)

 Killam Research Fellowships

  • 2014: Kevin Haggerty (Sociology) 
  • 2004: Sarah Carter (History and Classics)
  • 1999: Beverly Lemire (History and Classics)
  • 1990: Gary Kelly (English and Film Studies)
  • 1987: Juliet McMaster (English and Film Studies)
  • 1982: Roger Shiner (Philosophy)

J. Gordin Kaplan Award 
The annual award recognizes research excellence in the general area of humanities, social sciences, law, education, and fine arts, and excellence in the sciences or engineering.

  • 2017: John Considine (English and Film Studies)
  • 2016: Mark Nuttall (Anthropology)
  • 2015: Imre Szeman (English and Film Studies)
  • 2014: Sarah Carter (History and Classics)
  • 2012: Beverly Lemire (History and Classics, H. M. Tory Chair)
  • 2011: John-Paul Himka (History and Classics)

Martha Cook Piper Research Prize 
Social Sciences, Humanities, Fine Arts, Law and Education Category 
Recognizes faculty members at an early stage in their careers who have developed strong reputations for original research and who show outstanding promise as researchers. 
  • 2015: Dominique Clement (Sociology)
  • 2013: Keavy Martin (English and Film Studies)
  • 2012: Robert Losey (Anthropology)
  • 2011: Ingo Brigandt (Philosophy) 
  • 2008: Kevin Haggerty (Sociology) 

2016 Faculty of Arts Research Excellence Awards

  • Full Professor - Robert Smith (History and Classics)
  • Associate Professor - Helen Vallianatos (Anthropology)
  • Assistant Professor - Sandra Bucerius (Sociology)