Signature Areas of Research and Creative Collaboration

On March 22, 2018, the Faculty of Arts launched a process for identifying and promoting a set of Signature Areas of Research and Creative Collaboration.

This signature area initiative is designed to provide a mechanism for building research networks, facilitating collaboration, advancing cross-disciplinary research and creative activities, and enabling related teaching innovations. Over the next two years the Faculty will identify up to 7 signature areas, each of which will be promoted and supported for five years. 

The identification of signature areas marks an important moment of priority setting for the Faculty.  Throughout the life of this initiative key decisions will be taken in light of the Faculty's commitment to its signature areas.  Faculty members are encouraged to work together to shape this initiative by developing and submitting proposals.

Deadline for Signature Area Proposals:
First Wave: July 16, 2018
Second Wave: Winter 2019
Third Wave: Winter 2020