Signature Areas of Research and Creative Collaboration

In 2018, the Faculty of Arts launched a process for identifying and promoting up to seven Signature Areas of Research and Creative Collaboration. The Arts Signature Areas provide a mechanism for building research networks, facilitating collaboration, advancing cross-disciplinary research and creative activities, and enabling related teaching innovations. Each of the Faculty’s signature areas will be supported for five years.

Information on the first five signature areas is provided below. A call for the third, and final wave of Signature Area proposals was issued in fall 2019. The final two Signature Areas of Research and Creative Collaboration will be announced the the Faculty of Arts' Celebration of Research on March 5, 2020.

Third Wave Proposals 
Deadline: Wednesday, Februrary 5, 2020

See ‘Resources’ for information and Proposal Form.

Faculty of Arts Signature Areas

Digital Synergies

"Digital Synergies" supports research collaborations that address the unique challenges and opportunities that digital technologies present for scholars in the social sciences, humanities, and fine arts, focusing in particular on digital society, methods, and literacies.


Language, Communication, and Culture

“Language, Communication, and Culture” supports interdisciplinary scholarship on the processes by which individuals, groups, and organizations from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds exchange information, and create and share meaning.


Mediating Science & Technology

“Mediating Science & Technology” supports research that explores the diverse ways science and technology have inspired acceptance and resistance in the arts, mass media, material culture, and in moral, political, and social practices, past and present.


Shifting Praxis in Artistic Research/Research-Creation (SPARC)

"Shifting Praxis in Artistic Research/Research-Creation (SPARC)” champions and supports an approach to knowledge that crosses traditional lines between practice and theory and situates the artistic process at the heart of the research and publication strategy.

Stories of Change

“Stories of Change” aims to build a network of scholars engaged in research and creative activity at the interface of individual life stories and collective accounts of large-scale social and political transformations.