New name, who dis? Augustana announces new names for majors

A select list of Augustana majors—including biology, chemistry and psychology—will have a new name beginning this Fall.

23 April 2021

At Augustana, we do things a bit differently. Instead of offering the same programs year after year, we’ve renamed and redesigned a group of our majors so that they provide the best possible learning experience to our students. 

Beginning this Fall, five Augustana majors—biology, chemistry, computing science, environmental studies and psychology—will have new names and a new look. We’ve also made a few changes to our bachelor of science/bachelor of education (combined degree) program and physical education major. 

Although each of these majors will continue to include the kind of course requirements you would expect from the program (for example, a development course in psychology, or a software development course in computing science) they will also offer our students the flexibility to choose courses in broader interest areas. These majors have been designed to help build skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, communication and more to prepare our students for a range of career options or for future studies after graduation.

Biology will become Integrative Biology

In this major, our students will learn how to look at the world through the scientific lens. Through in-depth and hands-on learning, students will be exposed to a wide variety of scientific discoveries and will nurture their appreciation for the diversity of life on earth.

Chemistry will become Chemical and Physical Sciences

The new chemical and physical sciences major will draw upon biochemistry, chemistry and physics, with the flexibility for students to choose which subject area to follow. Through a mixture of technical and theoretical learning both in the classroom and the lab, students will unravel how the universe is put together and discover the impact science has on our everyday lives.

Computing Science will become Computing Science and Mathematics

The new computing science and mathematics major responds to the many changes of technology and our world. It will offer two unique streams: computing science and computational & applied mathematics.

Environmental Studies will become Sustainability Studies

In this major, students will look at economic, environmental and social sustainability with the goal of increasing their skills to analyze systems and promote active citizenship for social change.

Psychology will become Psychology and Mental Health

More opportunities, including certificates in brain story certification, mental health first-aid and community engagement and service-learning will be offered as part of the new psychology and mental health major. It will also offer two unique streams: mental health & well-being and brain & behaviour. 

Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education (Combined Degree) Program and Physical Education Major Changes

We are also making changes to our bachelor of science/bachelor of education (combined degree) program in order to make sure the program will prepare our students for the focused, yet flexible, nature of the teaching profession. We are reimagining the bachelor of science/bachelor of education (combined degree) program with a general science major. Under the planned general science major, students will be expected to declare a new stream of focus in either biology, chemistry, general science or mathematics. 

And finally, we have reimagined our physical education major so that, depending on which program our students choose (bachelor of arts or bachelor of science), they will be able to take a more in-depth art or science focus to learning.

Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education 

In this program, our students will be able to expand their schedules to include courses in areas like psychology, ethics and philosophy to create a well-rounded education that looks at the historical and cultural approaches to physical education, sport and health. 

Bachelor of Science in Physical Education

Taking physical education in a science program will give our students the opportunity to understand the growth, movement, structure and limits of the human body through a combination of science-based courses. 

More information has been provided directly to students who have expressed interest in these programs. If you have any questions, please email

Please note that moving into a newly named major will not impact your application status and does not require any additional action on your end if you’ve already applied. If you have specific questions, please email