110 years of leadership: a look at Augustana's principals, presidents and deans

Augustana's presidents have led the campus through changes in the community, campus ownership and even through times of war. Take a look at who has been at the helm of this institution over the years.

28 May 2021

One of the many reasons that Augustana has been successful in each of its many iterations—from Camrose Lutheran College to Augustana University and even the University of Alberta's Augustana Campus—is due to successful leadership. From the short three-year term of the first principal, J.P. Tandberg, to Chester Ronning's leadership legacy that spanned over ten years, these individuals have led the campus through changes in the community, ownership and even through war. 

Take a look at the many principals, presidents and deans who have led Augustana Campus over the years.


Missing from gallery:

1961 – 1966: G. L. Loken 

1966 – 1967: C. Granskou (Interim President) 

2003 - 2004: Ted Langford (Interim President)