Professor Glen Hvenegaard receives "Outstanding in Stewardship" Award

Professor Hvenegaard was named the recipient of the 2020 individual OTIS award from the Battle River Watershed Alliance.

13 May 2021

Congratulations to professor Glen Hvenegaard for receiving the Battle River Watershed Alliance's 2020 OTIS award!

According to the Battle River Watershed Alliance, the individual OTIS award recognizes someone who is outstanding in stewardship, including "taking action to care for our watershed, including the land, air, water and biodiversity." The award "also supports healthy communities, including our culture and economy, now and into the future." The award is named after the lead character in a book series who takes action to create a better watershed.

Professor Hvenegaard received the award for his work in teaching environmental science at Augustana, his research and as a contributor to various educational and outreach events in the community. The award notes that "through his numerous professional and volunteer roles, Glen has proven to be an outstanding steward of nature." 

To read more, visit the Battle River Watershed Alliance's OTIS award page

Congratulations, professor Hvenegaard!