Career Options

Society has great demand for Environmental Science graduates. Employment in the environmental sector is growing faster than overall employment. Graduates may find employment with government, health care, education, industry, and non-governmental organizations, or continue on with graduate studies. Areas of potential employment include:

  • environmental policy (e.g. climate change, species at risk)
  • research (e.g. environmental change, monitoring)
  • management (e.g. parks, forestry, fisheries, wildlife)
  • planning (e.g. industry, government), and
  • teaching (e.g. non-governmental organizations, school systems, colleges, universities)

Augustana's Environmental Science/Studies Graduates are now working in:

environmental protection

  • air quality monitor
  • environmental impact assessor
  • forest fire protection

conservation/preservation of natural resources

  • conservation officer
  • forest planner
  • bylaw control officer

education, communications, and research

  • environmental educator, park interpreter
  • environmental modeling researcher
  • adventure tourism guide
  • elementary and high school teacher
  • graduate studies: sustainable communities, resource management, and environmental economics
  • working for oil and gas reclamation consulting companies

A list of websites you can use for job hunting, has also been compiled.