Immersion Opportunities

A variety of summer, semester, and year-long immersion programs are available, and credits for these programs may be transferred back to Augustana.

Two people planning travel detailsA group of Augustana immersion students abroad

Bursaries, Scholarships, and other Funding

Several bursaries are available to help finance these immersion experiences. More information on funding can be found on each of the program's websites (listed below).

Summer Programs:

Students are encouraged to pursue the following summer programs:

  • The CMEC's Language Learning & Exchange Programs - The Council of Ministers of Education's Language Learning & Exchange Programs encourage individuals to learn both of Canada's official languages. Students discover the rich cultures associated with these languages through extensive contact with their linguistic and cultural environments.
  • The Canadian Summer School in Germany Program - Improve your German by leaps and bounds. Go to plays, operas, concerts, and other cultural events. Walk through the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Witness German/ European history and culture in action.
  • The Oslo International Summer School - Come to Norway! Courses in a variety of topics, excellent teachers and an extensive social program with excursions and events during all six weeks.
  • The University of Bergen Summer Program - Join us next summer for a cross-disciplinary research school exploring some of the most pressing challenges facing our world. Shaped by some of Bergen's best research groups, every year the BSRS raises some pressing development issues.

Semester & Year-Long Programs:

Students are encouraged to pursue semester and year-long programs at the following institutions:

  • The University of Perpignan, France - The University of Perpignan's Centre Universitaire d'Etudes Françaises (University Centre for French studies) offers a range of different course types for discovering French culture and learning the language.
  • Study in Germany is possible at multiple German universities. Please consult with your German professor for more information.
  • University College of Southeast Norway, Norway - USN offers a broad range of academic opportunities at bachelor's, master's, and Ph.D-level. The three pillars of the USN activities are education, research, and dissemination.
  • Every other year, senior students can take advantage of a semester in Santiago Cuba.