Most of the newer or renovated public buildings on the Augustana campus have physically accessible ground level entrances with door paddles, elevators, and accessible washrooms. However, some classroom and residential buildings do not. Please contact Accessibility Resources (AR) for more information.

Students who need classrooms to be relocated should contact Accessibility Resources as soon as possible.

Fire Alarms

Auditory and visual fire alarms are installed in the hallways of many buildings, but not all. Work continues in this area to ensure that visual alarm systems are installed in all areas of the University, including washrooms.


Most classrooms on the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus are physically accessible for students with mobility disabilities, and reserved seating can be arranged for most classrooms upon request.

If students encounter any difficulties accessing their classrooms, they should contact staff at Accessibility Resources. Arrangements can be made to change the location of the class to one that is accessible. Students who need classrooms to be relocated should contact AR as soon as possible.


It is University of Alberta practice to clear snow or obstructions in a timely manner. For information about snow removal or other grounds-related concerns regarding accessibility, contact Facilities and Operations at 780-679-1618

Tips for preventing Winter slips

Emergency Evacuation Procedures for Persons with Disabilities

Please see our Emergency Evacuation Procedures for persons with disabilities. For information about campus safety, visit the Protective Services website.


Residences on the Augustana Campus do not have barrier free rooms in its residences at this time and limited housing resources for persons with a mobility disability. Please contact Accessibility Resources (AR) for more information and to discuss housing needs.

For general information about residence options at Augustana Campus in Camrose, visit the Augustana Campus Residence Services website.