MOD Contemporary Dance Movement

MOD is a creative student dance company encompassing high-level dancers who are given the opportunity for high-level choreography, rehearsals, and performances, with no intervention from outside teachers/choreographers. The Club maintains advanced performance work and gives numerous developed dancers who attend the University a chance to explore their own creativity through the creation and choreography of their own individual pieces for a year-end show.

Club Fees

Fee Type Student Non-Student
Spring/Summer 2023 Club Membership TBD TBD
Spring/Summer 2023 Club Sports Program Registration $10.00 $10.00
Fall 2023 Club Membership TBD TBD
Fall 2023 Club Sports Program Registration $10.00 $10.00
Winter 2024 Club Membership TBD TBD
Winter 2024 Club Sports Program Registration $10.00 $10.00


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Club Status

Spring/Summer 2023 (May 1 - Aug 31)


Fall 2023 (Sep 1 - Dec 31)

Winter 2024 (Jan 1 - Apr 30)