Learn About the Programs

Students learn about the diversity of programs offered by the Faculty of Engineering through their classes, extracurricular activities, and discipline information nights.

We recommend that you explore all program possibilities in depth, even if you entered the qualifying year with a specific discipline in mind: you may discover new fields of study you were not aware of by speaking with current students and professors. You will be required to rank all programs on your program selection form.

ENGG 100

Information about each of the programs and the program selection process is available as part of ENGG 100. Check eClass for more details.

First-Year Engineering Discipline Information Nights

Also known as First Year Nights (FYN), discipline information nights for students currently in their qualifying year and are normally held around March of the Winter Term. These sessions are held for each engineering program and include information about courses, student clubs, areas of research, and career possibilities. Visit our discipline information page to learn more.

Career Planning Information

Investigating career opportunities may assist you in prioritizing specific programs based on your future career goals. Engineering Career Connections offers a variety of online resources to help you with career planning: access their Resource Vault and sign up for ENGGCC News for more information. The University of Alberta Career Centre hosts events and offers workshops and services related to career development and planning.

Engineering Students' Society and Discipline Clubs

Qualifying year students can visit the Engineering Students’ Society website for information regarding discipline  clubs and other helpful resources.

Last Updated: February 13, 2024