Clare Drake Arena Lighting Replacement


2021 | Clare Drake Arena

44 metal halides bulbs were replaced with LED lights with the goal of making the arena require less energy and less maintenance associated with bulb replacement, while increasing the light quality on the ice's surface.

Environmental Impact

  • Metal halide bulbs emit a significant amount of energy (~10-15%) as heat. Replacing them with LEDs is beneficial for an ice arena where low temperatures are required.
  • The 44 new 223-Watt LED bulbs are replacing 44 1000-Watt metal halide fixtures. The associated energy savings is estimated to be 162MWh/year.

Innovation & Technology

  • The LEDs installed have dimming capabilities allowing them to operate from 1–100 per cent brightness. Typically the lighting is run at only 50 per cent for the majority of arena activities.
  • The lighting is programmable allowing for patterns, such as flash or pinwheel, and can turn certain fixtures on or off with no delay which can create a unique ice experience.

Estimated Savings

  • The average halide bulb lasts around 6,000 to 15,000 operating hours whereas LEDs in comparison have a rated life of up to 50,000 to 80,000 hours. LEDs will continue to operate well at a lower output level beyond their rated life.
  • Replacing old lamps in the arena is a significant operation requiring lifts, scaffolding, ice prep, etc. LEDs do not need replacing as often, therefore the replacement time for the staff is reduced as are the associated bulb replacement costs.