2018 | Clark Drake Arena

The Clare Drake Arena is a 2,600 seat arena with approximately 1,530 square metres of ice surface. Ice is typically made using hot water to reduce air bubbles and make the surface harder. REALice® uses unheated water and a vortex to remove bubbles, resulting in significant energy savings associated with heating large quantities of water without compromising ice quality.

Environmental Impact

  • Increases the equipment's amortization period by reducing compressor and boiler use, ice cleaning frequency and dehumidification and condensation issues such as rust on structural elements.
  • 40 tonnes of carbon emissions saved annually for each rink.

Innovation & Technology

  • Unheated water is forced through a chamber to produce a vortex to remove unwanted micro-air bubbles, resulting in harder, clearer ice.
  • The technology can operate using warmer ice slab temperatures, reducing compressor run times and power consumption.
  • Used by the National Hockey League for outdoor games.

Estimated Savings

  • 3 year return on investment for a single pad of ice.
  • 400–600 GJ of natural gas savings annually per rink.
    Average reduction of 79%.
  • 50,000 kWh electricity savings annually per rink.
    Average reduction of 10–12%