2018 | North Campus and Campus Saint-Jean

SkySpark® is a software analytics platform that automatically analyzes system level building data and provides real-time building insights. SkySpark was installed to improve heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system performance, conduct deep energy analytics, optimize operations and prioritize maintenance. The result is a predictive and proactive approach to decision making while providing a holistic view of the campus.

Environmental Impact

  • SkySpark allows for proactive and predictive maintenance based on need instead of reactive maintenance which reduces costs as well as waste.
  • SkySpark can enhance indoor air quality through predictive, demand based control and ventilation. It is similar to having your building commissioned on an ongoing basis.
  • SkySpark generates automated reports which notify operational staff of systems running outside normal set hours. Decisions based on analytics of internal and external metadata help prioritize equipment operations, sequences and maintenance routines, leading to reduced energy usage.
  • An example of the savings can be seen from 4 projects (CAB, Main, AHU and CAB 6th floor) which have been developed through analysis in Skyspark and have resulted in 338 TCO2e avoided annually.

Innovation & Technology

  • SkySpark uses system information to acquire, analyze and visualize building data which can then be used to manage the building’s HVAC systems, lighting controls, alarm information, smoke and occupancy data.
  • By utilizing external data, such as weather information, to perform analytics, SkySpark can adjust building systems to ensure they are running at their optimal performance based on real time variables.
  • SkySpark provides automated reports to the Building Management System team to ensure information is communicated with key university staff members.

Estimated Savings

  • Data acquired from SkySpark helps to identify cost savings and building operational improvements by ensuring building equipment is running optimally and helping the team prioritize repairs.
  • SkySpark data can assist with reducing costs associated with HVAC operations, for example by having HVAC air handling units running only during building hours.
  • SkySpark constantly monitors data and continuously evaluates rules to detect patterns of sub-optimal performance. This data is available in real time or can be used for periodic analysis and trending.
  • SkySpark helps support ongoing commissioning during the equipment warranty period and beyond. Typically, less issues go unnoticed because every piece of equipment is tested and monitored.