Combined Heat and Power


2018 | South Campus Agri-Foods Discovery Place, Saville Community Sports Centre and Swine Research Facility and the U of A Botanic Garden Pavilion Site

Combined heat and power, also known as cogeneration, uses natural gas to produce steam for electricity and heating. Heat that is typically lost in the power generation process is recovered to provide heating and or cooling.

Environmental Impact

  • Lowers greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 2217 megatonnes of greenhouse gases saved.
  • Increases efficiency.
  • Reduces reliance on external utilities.

Innovation & Technology

  • Can be used for education on the technology.
  • Meters to be provided for natural gas and thermal output. Electrical output will be metered through the control panel and made available for monitoring and reporting purposes to Building Management System.

Estimated Savings

  • $321,989 combined utility savings per year.
  • $152,860 combined operations savings per year.
  • $169,128 combined net savings.
  • 9.8 years estimated pay back.