Parkade LED Lighting Retrofit


2017 | Southfield Car Park

The Southfield Car Park was refreshed with new paint and the fluorescent lights were replaced with energy efficient LEDs, including occupancy sensors and dimmers. The lighting in the parking structure was drastically improved while also reducing energy consumption. The university received a 2017 Lighting Energy Efficiency in Parking award for Exemplary Higher Education Parking Facility for this work. All North Campus parking structures have undergone similar renovations.

Environmental Impact

  • Reduced annual carbon emissions by an estimated 21,605 kg.
  • Recycled 434 fluorescent lights.

Innovation & Technology

  • Southfield was the first of seven parking structures to undergo similar lighting retrofits.
  • The LED lights used in this parkade are equipped with occupancy sensors and dimmers to adjust to demand.
  • The brighter environment provided a greater feeling of safety for its many users.

Estimated Savings

  • 33,164 kWh of electricity saved annually, which reduced the parkade's overall energy use by 17 per cent.