Solar Powered Street Lighting


2016 | Augustana Campus, Ravine Residence Road

The first solar-powered street lamp was installed at the University of Alberta on Ravine Residence Road. A solar panel charges the battery during the day which powers the LED fixture when it is dark.

Environmental Impact

  • Exterior LED lighting can save up to 75% of energy use while providing similar light output.
  • LED lights last at least 15 times longer than other bulbs and considerably reduce maintenance costs associated with changing burnt out bulbs.

Innovation & Technology

  • Ravine Residence Road, although scenic during the day, was dark and hazardous during the night. The installation of the new light made a postive impact on the safety of the area, helping to increase visibility.

Estimated Savings

  • The nearest power line is ~23 metres away from the new lamppost. Installing a conventional street lamp would have required trenching and an expensive new power line. Instead, the solar technology was installed quickly without excavation, saving cost, time and community disruption.