Solar Photovoltaic with Battery Storage


2017 | Augustana Miquelon Lake Research Station

The Augustana Miquelon Lake Research Station contains a residential space and a laboratory for research and educational purposes. The research station is a significant resource for researchers and educators working collaboratively on natural history, natural resource management and the interactions between human activities and the natural environment.

The research station features a 12 kWh battery bank that connects to solar photovoltaic panels on the station's south-facing roof as well as the electrical grid. This system powers the research station including an electric vehicle charging system.

Environmental Impact

  • ~1,475 kg of CO2 emissions are avoided per year.
  • ~3.75 MWh is produced per year by the photovoltaic panels.
  • Photovoltaic system generates enough electricity to cover the building's energy use, making it net zero.

Innovation & Technology

  • Photovoltaic system provides power to the battery and building even during a grid outage
  • Battery can provide power during cloudy days or night.
  • System ties into an electric vehicle charging station.
  • Live solar data can be viewed on our website.

Estimated Savings

  • $300–400 per year in energy cost savings.
  • The payback period is approximately 20 years.
    Based on energy rates from before this estimate was calculated, the payback would have been closer to 40 years. As the cost of energy increases, so does the affordability and importance of renewable systems.