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FGSR Council


2 seats for Alternates 

Alternates are responsible for attending FGSR Council meetings when Councillors are unable to attend meetings. In such instances, Alternates will be notified.

Graduate students will be selected from as broad a range of graduate programs as possible with not more than two graduate students from a given graduate program; given this stipulation, we will not be able to accept nominations from Chemical & Materials Engineering (PhD) and Medicine (PhD) students.

The term of office for these positions begins immediately (conventionally on 1 September) and ends 30 June 2023.

In addition, FGSR Councillors and Alternates will have the opportunity to sit on FGSR Council Standing Committees (found here).

How To Apply:

Nominations are to be submitted through the linked nomination form to be emailed to in advance of the deadline of Wednesday, 2 November 2022 at 12:00 PM (Noon). Nominations received will be circulated as submitted via email to GSA NoC.


As per the Post-Secondary Learning Act (PSLA), a faculty council may determine the programs of study for the faculty, provide for the admission of students to the faculty, conduct examinations, and determine the conditions under which a student must withdraw from or may continue in a program of studies within the faculty. The composition and policies of the FGSR Council can be found here.


The GSA hosts a FGSR Caucus meeting prior to each FGSR Council meeting, in order "to coordinate graduate student representation at FGSR Council meeting" (GSA Bylaw and Policy, Section G: GSA Caucuses, GSA Policy, GSA Caucuses, Section G.POL.3.2.a). As such, graduate student members on FGSR Council are encouraged to attend all of the meetings listed below.

In 2022-2023, meetings of FGSR Council take place monthly on Wednesday afternoons, and meetings of GSA FGSR Council Caucus take place on the Tuesday prior to the FGSR Council meetings.

2022-23 FGSR Council Meetings

Always on a Wednesday at 1-3:30 PM

September 28 Virtual
October 26 Council Chambers (2-100 University Hall)
December 7 Council Chambers (2-100 University Hall)
February 8 Council Chambers (2-100 University Hall)
March 8 Council Chambers (2-100 University Hall)
April 26 Council Chambers (2-100 University Hall)
May 31 TBD

2022-23 GSA FGSR Council Caucus Meetings

Always on a Tuesday at 3-4 PM

27 September 2022 Hybrid
25 October 2022 Hybrid
6 December 2022 Hybrid
7 February 2023 Hybrid
7 March 2023 Hybrid
25 April 2023 Hybrid
30 May 2023 Hybrid

Additional Notes:

The above call for nominations is circulated on behalf of GSA NoC and was approved for circulating by GSA NoC Chair Kenzie Gordon. Questions can be directed to the GSA NoC Coordinator at