Sujata Persad

Associate Dean

Dr. Sujata Persad is an Associate Professor and researcher in the department of Pediatrics (DoP) and Adjunct Associate professor in the department of Oncology. Her research focuses on understanding the mechanism of cancer metastasis. She completed her PhD training at the University of Manitoba with a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of British Columbia and her first Faculty position at McMaster University. She joined the Department of Pediatrics in the Division of Hematology, Oncology and Palliative Care at the University of Alberta in September 2007. Dr. Persad was also the program director for Graduate Education in the Department of Pediatrics. Since that time, in addition to her cancer research program, she has dedicated her professional focus to: (1) the mentoring of trainees (graduate, undergraduate/medical and high school) to be successful at their specific academic level; and (2) active participation in committees, departmentally and within the Faculty and University, which oversee the training, mentoring and scholarship of graduate students/trainees.

As the Director, Graduate Education in the Department of Pediatrics, Dr. Persad has gained significant experience in conflict resolution and handling difficult situations. She has served and continues to actively participate in various committees within the department (Research Advisory Committee, DoP Advocacy and Wellness Group), Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (Clinician Investigator Program committee, FoMD Professionalism Triage Committee, FoMD Appeals committee and led a workshop on Graduates Student Supervision for FoMD Faculty members), GPS (Graduate Programs Support Team, Examination Working Group, Policy Review Committee, Awards Committee) and at the University of Alberta (General Faculties Council (GFC), GFC-Programs Committee, GFC-Executive Committee).

Responsibilities as Associate Dean

  • I am responsible for policies and procedures related to new program creation, program changes, and International Agreements for graduate students.
  • I provide advice, guidance, and support to graduate students, supervisors, and graduate student program administrators.
  • I represent GPS on various committees, working groups, search, selection and review committees across campus.

My advice to our graduate students:

  • Your work is important. Respect yourself and the work you do.
  • Engage with your studies and enjoy it. This is the definite recipe for success.
  • Do not let things get overwhelming. Communicate with your supervisor, lab mates, family and friends. Address problems early rather than late. Know your rights and the resources your Faculty/University provides you.
  • Above all, do not forget about yourself and your wellbeing!

Home Department

Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics