Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Scholarship

The Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Scholarships are the most prestigious graduate awards administered by the University of Alberta. They are awarded to outstanding doctoral students who, at the time of application, have completed at least one year of graduate study. There is no restriction as to citizenship. All fields of study are eligible for funding.

Killam Scholarships are awarded for two years and include a stipend of $45,000 per year. Each award is renewable for a second year upon continued exceptional performance in a doctoral program at the University of Alberta.Honorary Killam Scholarships are awarded to excellent candidates who will receive significant income from another major award.

Honorary laureates qualify for all the benefits afforded to Killam laureates. This includes, if applicable, a top-up to the stipend of their other award to bring it to the current level of a Killam Scholarship.

The Graduate Scholarship Committee, a multi-disciplinary committee of the Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies, adjudicates and selects applicants for the Killam Scholarships. The Killam Scholarship Committee then submits the list of recommended applicants to the Killam Trustees for final approval.

At the annual Killam Awards Celebration, all new laureates receive a certificate acknowledging their award.

2021 Recipients

Anissa Armet, Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science
Can the microbes in our gut predict which dietary fibres benefit our health?
(see story: "Nutrition graduate student recognized with prestigious scholarship" [Faculty of ALES)

Amanda Greenwell, Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
Understanding the Impact of a New Drug for Diabetes on Heart Disease

(see story: "Q&A with Amanda Greenwell" [Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Joshua Hefler, Surgery
A Novel Model of Acute Liver Failure in an Isolated Perfused Organ

Joseph Kamtchum Tatuene, Neuroscience
Understanding how specific differences in genes increase the risk of atherosclerosis

Naiomi Metallic, Law
Finding Spaces for Indigenous Law in Canada
(see story: "Dalhousie professor of Aboriginal law pursuing PhD at UAlberta's Faculty of Law" [Faculty of Law])

Banafsheh Mohammadi, Art & Design
Oil, Art, and Religion: Where do Symbols of White Supremacy Come From?

Sofia Monzon Rodriguez, Modern Languages & Cultural Studies
Censorships in Dialogue: Translating the Subversive in Spain and Argentina (1950s-1980s)
(see story: "Images of Research 2021: Surrealist Venus in Translation" [Library])

Kim Cuong Nguyen, Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging
Imaging dental tissues using ionizing radiation-free ultrasound
(see story: "From bench to bedside — Research that improves patient oral care" [Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry])

Prem Pokharel, Renewable Resources
Biochar application mitigates climate change and enhances soil fertility and crop production
(see story: "Graduate student wins international honour for solving an oilsands land-reclamation issue" [Faculty of ALES])

Emily Rodrigues, Chemistry
Creating a platform to identify protein-sugar interactions on immune cells

Marcelo Rodriguez Ferrere, Law
The constitutional implications of under-enforcing animal welfare legislation
(see story: "Two PhD students awarded prestigious scholarships" [Faculty of Law])

William Schultz, Sociology
Drugs in Canadian Prisons
(see story: "The Opioid Crisis in Canada's Prisons Part of a Larger Problem" [Faculty of Arts])

Heather Williams, Biomedical Engineering
Position-Aware Control of Myoelectric Prostheses

Qiwei Xu, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Handheld near-infrared imaging camera utilizing nanomaterials and nanotechnologies


2020 Recipients

Jonathan Dubue, Educational Psychology

Rezvaneh Erfani Hossein Pour, Sociology
(see story: "In terms of global environmentalism - one size does not fit all, especially in the Middle East")

Ahmed Essa, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Cole Gross, Renewable Resources

Kim Ho, Pediatrics
(see story: "Ketones buy time for a failing heart but are just more fuel for a healthy one: study")

Rylan Kafara, Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation
(see story: "June 2020 Faculty awards and accolades")

Lisa Martin, English and Film Studies
(see story: "Outstanding researchers, students recognized with prestigious award")

Valentin Mocanu, Surgery
(see story: "Vanier scholar to use fecal transplant to unveil the link between obesity and the gut microbiota")

Oghenevwarho Ojakovo, Music
(see story: "Outstanding researchers, students recognized with prestigious award")

Albert Remus Rosana, Chemistry
(see story: "Two PhD students honoured with prestigious Dorothy J. Killam Memorial Graduate Prize")

Conor Ruzycki, Mechanical Engineering

Amanda Spallacci, English and Film Studies
(see story: "Outstanding researchers, students recognized with prestigious award")

Jagdeesh Uppal, Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
(see story: "Identifying arsenic biomarkers could protect vulnerable populations from arsenic toxicity")

Cassandra Wilkinson, Psychology
(see story: "Two PhD students honoured with prestigious Dorothy J. Killam Memorial Graduate Prize")