Killam Trustees

The University of Alberta acknowledges with gratitude the invaluable financial assistance the Killam Trusts have given to the University and its Killam laureates (doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows, and professors). Since 1967, the endowments created by the Killam bequest have provided more than $127.3 million in program funding to the University of Alberta. The value of the University's Killam endowments as of March 31, 2019 was $133.4 million.


The Killam Trustees are responsible for ensuring the Killam bequests are administered in accordance with the conditions laid out in the Last Will and Testament of Dorothy J Killam, 1965. Each year they meet with beneficiaries-the Canada Council for the Arts and the five Killam institutions: Dalhousie University, the University of Alberta, The University of British Columbia, The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital) and the University of Calgary.

Former Killam Trustees were Donald Byers (Managing Trustee, 1965-1993; Honorary Trustee, 1993-1995); Major-General the Honourable EC (Johnny) Plow, 1965-1983; G Arnold Hart, 1965-1981; Conrad F Harrington, 1965-1987; W Robert Wyman, 1987-2007; John H Matthews, 1981-2012; M Ann McCaig, 1993-2014; George TH Cooper (Trustee, 1983-2017; Managing Trustee, 1993-2017); and John S Montalbano, 2007-2019. Mr Byers worked closely with Dorothy Killam in preparation of her Will and was a major figure in the first 25 years of Killam programs. His wife Anne constantly assisted him.

The Killam Trustees have published A Very Private Person (written by Douglas How in 1976; second edition, 2004) and Killam Scholars Who's Who (1989).

Current Trustees

Bernard F Miller, QC
Managing Trustee of the Killam Trusts, 2017-

Jim Dinning, CM, F.ICD, LLD
Trustee, 2015-

The Honourable Kevin G Lynch, PC, OC, PhD, LLD (Hon)
Trustee, 2013-

Brenda Eaton, MA, ICD.D
Trustee, 2019-

To learn more about the Trustees, please visit this page on the Killam Laureates site.