Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships program provides funding to the very best postdoctoral applicants, both nationally and internationally, who will positively contribute to the country's economic, social, and research-based growth.

The objective of the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships program is to:
  • attract and retain top-tier postdoctoral talent, both nationally and internationally
  • develop their leadership potential
  • position them for success as research leaders of tomorrow

The fellowship is valued at $70,000 a year for 2 years (non-renewable).

  • The fellowship is a stipend that is awarded to the postdoctoral researcher.
  • The annual stipend does not cover the cost of benefits for postdoctoral fellows.
  • Applicants and their proposed supervisors should discuss the details of the fellowship appointment (any benefits offered to the postdoctoral researcher; any financial obligations associated with the appointment; availability of research and/or other support; rights and responsibilities), as well as any established research-related polices and protocols.
  • Refer to the university’s PDF Collective Agreement and Benefits website for information on postdoctoral fellow appointments.

Refer to the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships Eligibility for complete details. Applications that do not meet all of the eligibility criteria will be deemed ineligible.

Application Procedures

Potential applicants are to read all the information and confirm their eligibility on the Banting PDF website prior to preparing an application. 

Interested eligible applicants are to contact a proposed supervisor at the UofA to express interest in the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship. If supported by the proposed supervisor, applicants are to follow the University of Alberta’s process to prepare an application for submission to their proposed Faculty by the Faculty’s internal deadline. Applicants must be then nominated to GPS by their Faculty by July 7, 2023.

Complete details of application requirements and instructions are on the Banting Application Form and the 2023-24 Banting Competition Memo.

Nomination Process
Refer to the 2023-24 Banting Competition Memo for the complete process and timeline.
Adjudication Procedures

All complete and eligible preliminary applications are reviewed by the Postdoctoral Fellowship Committee. A list of recommended applications is chosen to submit a complete application in ResearchNet for final adjudication at the national level by September 20, 2023. 

Banting will notify all recommended applicants of final decisions by mid-February 2024.


Refer to the 2023-24 Banting Competition Memo for complete details of the competition timeline.

Faculty Application Deadline: applicants are to contact their proposed Supervisor/Faculty for internal deadlines

GPS Nomination Deadline: July 7, 2023: Deadline for Faculties to submit selected nominees to GPS for institutional review.

Faculty Letter of Endorsement Deadline: August 31, 2023: Deadline for Faculties to submit completed draft Institutional Letters of Endorsement to GPS (for shortlisted candidates only).

ResearchNet Application Submission Deadline: September 20, 2023, 20:00 EDT (6:00 pm MDT): Deadline for selected candidates to submit their application in ResearchNet for national review. Only selected candidates will be provided the institutional letter of endorsement for final submission.