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Andrew Stewart Prize

The Andrew Stewart Memorial Graduate Prize is endowed by the University of Alberta. The award was named for Andrew Stewart, President of the University from 1950 to 1959, under whose administration the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research was created. Approximately 16 awards are granted each year (the number depends on how much the endowment earns).

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  • Value
    The value for this award is $5,000.
  • Eligibility
    • Available to full-time PhD students who have completed two or more years of their PhD program and are actively engaged in thesis research at the time of the award offering.
    • A student may hold the award only once.
    • All fields are eligible for funding.
    • There are no restrictions on citizenship.
    • This prize can be held concurrently with any other award, provided the terms of that award do not disallow it.
  • Selection Criteria
    Selection is based partly on academic merit, but research accomplishment—while registered in a doctoral program at the University of Alberta—is the major criterion.
  • Application Procedures
    This award is part of the Killam and Andrew Stewart Awards competition. Instructions for the combined application procedure for this competition can be found HERE. Students complete the Killam and Andrew Stewart Awards Application Form and submit all supporting documents to their department. Each department sets its own internal deadline for receipt of applications and students are encouraged to apply well in advance. Contact the department for their internal deadline information.
  • Nomination Procedures

    Please read our Department Nomination Memo for full nomination details. Each department ranks and nominates applications to the FGSR by the deadline indicated. These nominations must be received via e-mail, at, with all application material gathered into one file per applicant.

    A complete Killam and Andrew Stewart Awards Nomination package for departments includes:

    • A nomination package for each student (one file per applicant)
    • A completed FGSR Department Nominee Ranking Form
  • Adjudication Procedures
    The FGSR Graduate Scholarship Committee adjudicates the competition and notifies winners directly.
  • Deadlines
    2018 deadline: TBA for departments to submit their ranked nominations (via e-mail) to FGSR.