Andrew Stewart Memorial Graduate Prize

The Andrew Stewart Memorial Graduate Prize is significant and unique in that is awarded in direct recognition of excellence in research at the doctoral level; it acknowledges outstanding accomplishment and potential in pursuit of new knowledge. Initiated in 1985 by President Myer Horowitz, the Prize is funded by an endowment created by the University of Alberta in honor of Dr. Andrew Stewart, President of the University from 1950 to 1959, and under whose administration the Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies was created.

"It is a function of the University - a valuable function - to serve as a repository of our heritage of accumulated knowledge. The existence of the University, however, depends, not upon its qualities as a museum, but as a living, restless and inquiring spirit. The student must acquire knowledge, but his mind is not an inert receptacle. It is an organ to be stimulated, and put to the pursuit of Truth."

October 28, 1950 Inaugural Address
by President Andrew Stewart
(courtesy of University Archives)
The value for this award is $5,000.
Eligibility & Selection Criteria
• Must be a full-time doctoral student
• There are no restrictions on citizenship
• Students must have completed at least 24 months (2 years) in their doctoral program by April 30, 2024, and have completed no more than 6 years. For students who transferred from a master's to a doctoral program, the time spent in the master's program counts towards the time spent in the doctoral.
• All fields of study are eligible for funding
• A recipient may hold the award only once
• Student must be actively engaged in thesis research at the time of the award offering
• The major selection criterion of this award is research accomplishment while registered in a doctoral program at the University of Alberta (particularly originality of research and potential scholarly impact, and experience and contributions to research).
• There is no minimum GPA requirement however, however selection is secondarily based on academic merit
• This prize can be held concurrently with any other award, provided that the terms of that award do not disallow it
Application Procedures
Students must be nominated to GPS by their home department. Students are to consult with their department regarding their internal application process and deadline. Applications and accompanying documents sent directly to the GPS by students will not be considered.

Students must submit the following documents to their Department for internal adjudication:

1. Andrew Stewart Prize Application form . The Application form must be completed in its entirety. Applications missing UAlberta ID#'s, and student signatures will be deemed incomplete.  GPS will not follow up regarding applications that are incomplete.

2. One Letter of Reference. The Letter of Reference to Support Application for Graduate Awards Form  must be completed and signed by the student's supervisor. A confidential letter of reference (maximum of 2 pages) may accompany the standard letter of reference form, but may not replace such. Students may submit the letter of reference in a sealed envelope to their department. Alternatively, the student's supervisor may send the confidential form directly to the department.

3. Curriculum Vitae (maximum of 5 pages)

4. Up-to-date unofficial U of A transcript (may be printed from BearTracks).
Nomination Procedures
Refer to the 2024 Andrew Stewart Memo to Departments for complete details and instructions.
Adjudication Procedures

The GPS Graduate Scholarship Committee adjudicates the competition and notifies winners directly.

Recipients will be awarded the Prize in May 2024.

Students are to consult with their department regarding their internal application process and deadline.

Deadline for departments to submit nominations to GPS through the GSMS Awards Portal has been extended to Wednesday, March 12, 2024. (Updated February  22, 2024)