SSHRC Impact Talent Award

The Talent Award is given to an individual who maintains academic excellence, has a talent for research and knowledge mobilization and has demonstrated clear potential to be a future leader within and/or outside the academic sector.

The Talent Award can either be:

  • taken up as a fellowship to fund the recipient’s doctoral or postdoctoral research over a one-year period; or 
  • used within one year of receiving the award as a grant to support research, knowledge mobilization or other research-related activities.

At least 10% of the award funds must be used to promote the recipient’s research achievements.

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Awarded at $50,000 for one year.


A nominee must:

  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, or a “protected person” under subsection 95(2) of Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, by the nomination deadline;
  • Be an active social sciences and humanities researcher or student;
  • As of April 1, 2024, hold a SSHRC doctoral scholarship or fellowship or postdoctoral fellowship. This includes, but is not limited to, a Canada Graduate Scholarship, Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship or Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship.
  • Be in good standing with SSHRC;
  • Be affiliated with an eligible institution; and
  • Maintain affiliation with an eligible institution for the duration of the Impact Award.

For detailed eligibility and selection criteria information, please refer to the SSHRC Impact Talent Award website.

Application Procedures

Interested students should contact their home departments for their internal deadlines. Students must submit a “mini-package” to their home department.

A complete mini-package includes:

1. Summary of work undertaken (4 pages total)

i. 1 page: Brief summary of the work undertaken by the candidate, including relevant SSHRC file number(s) and a summary of the nominee’s overall contribution to their field of research
ii. 3 pages (max) (completed by the department): Provide support of the rationale for the nomination. Include, as appropriate, a detailed list of research contributions, outcomes and other activities (e.g., publications, conference presentations, graduate students supported or trained). Other research contributions, outcomes and activities may also be included. When referring to SSHRC-funded initiatives, please cite all relevant SSHRC file numbers
2. SSHRC CV (completed by the student)
3. List of Four Referees (completed by the student) - The names, phone numbers and email addresses of four referees whom would be contacted for letters of support if the candidate's submission is selected to go forward as the nominee for the Impact Talent
4. The Consent to Disclosure of Personal Information form (completed by the student)
Nomination Procedures
Please see 2024 SSHRC Impact Talent Award Memo for details
Adjudication Procedures
All complete and eligible applications are reviewed by the Graduate Scholarship Committee (GSC). Only one is selected and forwarded to SSHRC for final adjudication at the national level.

Deadline for Departments to submit the “mini-package” via the GSMS portal is Tuesday, January 30, 2024 at 4pm.