Graduate Teaching and Learning Program

GTL Program Level 3 - Pedagogy & Design Course

In the proposed Graduate Teaching and Learning (GTL) Level 3, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows will participate in the Pedagogy and Design Course. They will prepare to take on a primary instructor role and become more adept at handling academic interviews, more capable of tackling roles that require training, mentoring, or leadership in other employment sectors, and more aware and reflective of their teaching practices as they impact the learner.

This level is open to all graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at the University of Alberta. Participants who are in later years of their graduate programs will be given priority for registration in the course, and it is recommended that Level 3 participants be active in or have completed GTL levels 1 and 2. If space is available, tenure track and sessional instructors are also welcome.

The GTL Pedagogy and Design Course, takes place three hours/week for 13 weeks and is offered during the Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. In addition to the class time, participants (postdoctoral fellows and graduate students) are expected to spend approximately one hour/week outside of class completing their course project and providing peer feedback. Successful completion of the course is based on the course project, attendance, and participation.

Participants who successfully complete the course be eligible to apply for the upcoming proposed GTL Level 4.

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  • Course Description
    The Graduate Teaching and Learning Practicum Course is a project-based course designed to provide an introduction to the fundamentals of teaching in higher education. The course takes a hands-on approach to learning, and emphasizes the practical side of teaching and learning with real life examples and workshop style learning modules. The course focuses on two integrated themes: 1) course design and assessment; and, 2) classroom management and leadership.
  • Final Project

    Participants will apply the pedagogical knowledge explored in class to the development of a course in their discipline. Upon completion of the course, participants will have a discipline specific course syllabus, a short sample test, a sample lesson plan and a sample assignment (with accompanying rubric). This project culminates in a micro-teaching session in which participants give a 5-7 minute presentation to GLT Practicum Course participants as if to a first class.  Project updates, individual work time, and one-one-one consultation are complemented with group discussion and regular peer feedback.

  • Attendance

    Attendance is mandatory in the Graduate Teaching and Learning Practicum Course.  One excused absence is permitted with the advanced notice of the instructor. Participants with 2 or more unexcused absences will not receive a certificate of completion. Participants’ attendance in this course is considered to be akin to responsibilities held by principal instructors. Participants are expected to treat their attendance as such. In addition to regular attendance, participants are expected to conduct themselves with professionalism by arriving for class sessions on time and remaining for the duration of each session. Participants are responsible for material covered, assignments, and peer feedback regardless of their attendance.

  • Participation

    Class discussion and peer feedback are essential features of this course. Course participants are expected to take part in BOTH components.


    • Peer Feedback: Most weeks, participants will be asked to post a selection of workshop assignments on the Peer Feedback Discussion Board in eClass. Students will be paired and are expected to provide written feedback to one another on the materials posted. Participants are also expected to provide in class verbal feedback to peers on an ongoing basis.
    • Micro-Updates: Throughout the course participants will be asked to give very brief updates on the progress of their course design.
  • Registration

    Registration opens 6 weeks prior to the course. FGSR handles all registration requests. Please watch the PD eBulletin, FGSR PD eBulletin, and Grads Weekly Digest for registration information. This course fills up very quickly. Please register early to avoid disappointment. Next course runs January 12 - April 13 - Register today!

    Contact Information:

    Deanna Davis, PhD.

    Professional Development Instructional Design Specialist

    780-248-5742 |


    Registration Information:

    Charity Slobod, MA

    Professional Development and Outreach Assistant

    780-492-0691 |