Apply for Admission

Shared Credential Applications

Students wishing to participate in an approved shared credential (dual- or joint-degree) program:

  • Must first be admitted to the graduate program in their Home institution
    • Students for whom UAlberta is the Home institution use the on-line application.
  • Must contact the Designated Faculty Contact at each institution. The UAlberta Contact can be found in the International Joint and Dual Degree Graduate Program table.

For Thesis-based programs, students must:

  • Speak to their supervisor at their Home institution and, in cooperation with the Home supervisor, find and contact a supervisor at the Collaborating Institution.
  • Complete the UAlberta Shared Credential Initial Approval Form.
    • The Informed Consent for Disclosure of Personal Information is incorporated in this form.
    • Exception: The Transfor-M dual degree program in the Department of Renewable Resources will continue to use the Transfor-M Study Plan.In which case the Informed Consent for Disclosure of Personal Information form must be completed separately.
  • Complete the approval/application process for the Collaborating Institution
  • Submit the required documentation for the program

Once the initial approval to participate in a shared credential program has been made, the following forms must be completed and submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) at UAlberta.

For both Thesis-based and Course-based programs:

  • Incoming students from a Collaborating Institution wishing to attend UAlberta complete the Shared Credential Application Form
  • Outgoing students from UAlberta, for the terms during which they will be attending the Collaborating Institution, complete the Shared Credential Participation Form, registering at UAlberta in AGRMT (Agreement) for each term in which they will be away.