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Visiting and Visiting Exchange Applications

Visiting graduate students are those registered in a graduate degree program at another university or institution, who have permission from their home university and the UAlberta department to take one or more graduate courses for transfer of credit toward that degree program.

This includes students who are part of a formal exchange agreement (including the Western Deans’ Agreement) as well as students not on a formal exchange.

An admission is valid for one calendar year from the student’s start date. Visiting graduate students must apply to the department and be admitted each year in which they take courses. Visiting and Exchange students are not required to pay the $100 application fee.

See Section 5.12 of the Graduate Program Manual "Visiting Graduate Students”

Here are the different categories and steps for applying for admission for Visiting and Visiting Exchange Students:

No Formal Exchange


Research 900

Western Deans' Agreement

No Formal Exchange:

Applicants complete the Application for Visiting Graduate Student form and submit it to the department along with a letter of permission from the Dean of Graduate Studies of their home university. This letter should confirm that the applicant is currently registered in a graduate degree program at the home university, and should state the specific University of Alberta courses that will be accepted for credit toward the student's degree program. The University of Alberta department must indicate on the form the specific course(s) to be taken. This form is available from the Forms Cabinet on the FGSR website.


The University of Alberta has ratified formal exchange agreements that either allow UAlberta graduate students to study abroad, or students from other countries/institutions to attend the University of Alberta. Application procedures for visiting student exchanges vary according to regulations of the exchange agreement. Contact the administrator or agency overseeing the exchange for complete details.

How to find an exchange program:

  • Contact a UAlberta department to find out if there are any exchange opportunities available.
  • Contact the University of Alberta International (UAI) centre at or check the Education Abroad section of UAI's website.

How to apply for an exchange program:

Research 900:

For visiting students wanting to register in Research 900, see here

Western Deans' Agreement:

Students who wish to participate in the Western Deans' Agreement should always contact their home department at their home institution. General information and the Western Deans' Agreement application form are available on their website.

Note: Each university has it own rules and regulations and fee requirements regarding the Western Deans' Agreement.  (UAlberta requires payment of certain non instructional fees.)

Visiting WDA Students at the UAlberta: Students from other institutions who wish to take courses at the University of Alberta should refer to "Visiting Graduate Students Under the Western Deans’ Agreement" in Section 5.12 of the Graduate Program Manual.

UAlberta Students at other WDA institutions: UAlberta students who wish to take courses at other institutions should consult Section 6.8 of the Graduate Program Manual--Section 6: Program Planning and Registration.