Onboarding Resources for Supervisors

The onboarding resources are currently being reviewed to increase effectiveness and enhance user experience. Stay tuned for updates on the revised resources! If you have any feedback in using these resources, please reach out to us at org.learning@ualberta.ca.

Supervisors at the University of Alberta play a vital role in welcoming new employees and helping them settle in and in welcoming existing staff into new roles so they can contribute their skills and talents to the institution. As a people leader, you play the most important role in the onboarding experience. A positive onboarding experience results in a stronger connection to the team and the institution, increased job satisfaction and higher retention..

Use the Onboarding Checklist for Supervisors to support the planning and delivery of your new or transitioning employee’s onboarding experience. Additionally, the resources in this section will support you in onboarding your new employee. The information will continue to evolve, improve, and grow as we work with stakeholders and gather feedback. Check back for the most current version of information with each employee you onboard!

Before your Employee Starts

Review and distribute the role-specific onboarding support materials and complete key components.

First Day

Providing a welcoming first day sets a positive tone for the new employee and your department.

First Week

As your new employee gets more familiar with their position, their co-workers and the university, take the time to further introduce them to critical information. Meet with them regularly to keep the lines of communication open, answer their questions, and provide feedback.

First Month

The first month can pass quickly. Invest the time and meet with the new employee to listen to their feedback, reinforce learnings and encourage them to make the most of their employment by exploring everything the U of A offers.

First Quarter

In the first quarter, continue to build the relationship, trust, and rapport with your new employee through ongoing communication and feedback.

First Year

It is a major milestone for both the employee and you as their supervisor. Time to review the successes, challenges and opportunities.