Get to Know Google Meet

Get to know Google Meet and become an expert on scheduling calls, joining video meetings, and getting the most out of the tool.

Note: Beginning October 1 Google Meet premium features will no longer be available for use. Learn more about Google Meet's premium features.


Online classes? No problem. Connect with students and instructors through secure video calls and messaging through Google Meet. Google Meet is a video conferencing tool that lets you collaborate one-on-one or in a group to chat, share links, and present your screen.


As most courses will be online during Fall 2020, it’s best to familiarize yourself with video conferencing tools most commonly used at the University of Alberta. Google Meet is one tool in use; read about other common tools like Zoom and eClassLive. If you are an instructor, we recommend using Zoom for e-learning classes of more than 100 students.

Here’s what you need to know to get started with Google Meet:

Top Tips

  • Anyone with the Meet link can participate, no account is required
  • Add Meet to a calendar invite to quickly join your next meeting with video
  • Mute your microphone if you’re participating as a listener
  • Change the screen layout to suit your preference
  • Join on the go with the Google Meet app (Android/iOS)

Schedule a video meeting with a calendar invite

Adding Google Meet to a calendar invite is simple and ensures your next study session or one-on-one meeting with your instructor isn't complicated. 

In Google Calendar, click Create. Add your event details and guests. Click on the Add Google Meet video conferencing button and click Save.

Tip: External participants (no account required) can join with the Google Meet link only after granted access by a UAlberta G Suite participant in the meeting.

Join a video meeting

Joining a Google Meet from an existing calendar invitation is as simple as selecting Join with Google Meet from within the calendar invite. You also have the option to join a Google Meet through or when sent a Google Meet through Google Chat.

In Google Calendar, open Event. Click Join with Google Meet. Click Join now.


Note: You have the option to join a Google Meet by phone. However, dial-in numbers for Google Meet use US area codes and long distance charges may apply. If you do not have a US long distance plan, request that the organizer add you to the video meeting by phone or have Meet call your phone. If you have a poor Internet connection or are experiencing quality issues, you can adjust the video and audio settings to improve your experience.

Get to know the interface

In a Meet call you can manage your video and audio, pin participants, and turn your video on or off depending on what you prefer. You also have the option of muting yourself during a call if you are mainly participating as a listener.


Switch to a different view

Select from auto, tiled, spotlight, or sidebar views. Sidebar shows you the primary speaker with additional meeting attendees on the right hand side. Tiled view shows you a large number of attendees — up to 16 at once! Spotlight focuses on the primary speaker.


Tip: When you choose a new layout, your preference is automatically saved. To return to the default layout, click Auto.

Share and present during a video meeting

Present your entire screen, a specific browser window or a Chrome tab. While presenting, you can share documents, present slides, or even show a video from your browser.

Tip: Presenting from a Chrome tab is best when presenting video and animation. Want to give more interactive and engaging presentations? Check out these 10 G Suite tips for great presentations.

Send chat messages to participants

Use the chat window to ask questions, comment and share links. Sending chat messages is an effective way  to submit questions during a meeting without interrupting the speaker (Q&A session).

Tip: If you want participants to edit a Google file, make sure you have shared the file with the proper permissions.


Keep an eye on IST’s G Suite news to learn the latest tips, tricks, and updates for UAlberta G Suite. Additional information about how to use Google Meet can be found at the Google Meet Learning Center.