How to end a Google Meet

Ending a Google Meet can be tricky when presented with multiple options, particularly when you’re ready to end the call. Here’s a simple breakdown of the two options for ending your next Google Meet.

Just leave the call - removes the host (you) from the meeting. The video meeting will still continue for other participants in the call.

End the call - will immediately end the meeting for all participants. Participants will be notified the call has ended and they will be unable to rejoin the meeting until the host does.

Tip: If you have a recurring meeting scheduled that reuses the same meeting code, and select End the call this will modify your settings for the calendar invite. Participants will need to wait for the host to start the meeting each time they attend. If you would like to prevent this from happening, select Just leave the call in your meetings. 

If you’d like to update this setting on an existing calendar invitation, open the meeting you would like to modify and select the Edit icon. Select Change conference settings (gear icon) and add a check on  Quick access > Save.

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