Mandatory Zoom update required

As of November 4, Zoom will be enforcing that all users update their current software to the minimum required version (5.13.5) in order to run the application. Anyone who uses Zoom across the university to perform their work, teach, or learn will be required to update their software.

IST will be automatically updating Zoom in the areas we have the ability to do so. When accessing Zoom, you will receive a prompt indicating that your software is out of date. If you have the ability to update your software independently, by either following the update instructions for reinstalling the software, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible.

For some users, you may receive a prompt asking you to contact your IT administrator for assistance to update the software manually. In this case, please contact the IT Service Desk for support.

As an alternative to Zoom, Google Meet is a web based video conferencing tool available to any U of A staff member and does not require installation or updates. For more information on new Google Meet premium features you have access to, read this article.

If you have Zoom installed on your computer and it is no longer required, please uninstall it yourself if you’re able, or contact the IT Service Desk to have it removed.

Follow the screenshots below for guidance on how to check which version of Zoom your computer is running, or read this Zoom support article.


 Zoom on Windows 1

Zoom on Windows 2


Zoom on macOS 1

Zoom on macOS 2