New Google Meet Premium Features

Thrive in hybrid work with new Google Meet premium features.

Hybrid meetings or online classes? No problem. Connect with students and colleagues through easy-to-use and secure video conferencing in Google Meet. Google Meet enhances collaboration with seamless integration in Docs, Sheets and Slides, encourages active participation with polls and breakout rooms and makes moderation easy with controls for who can chat, talk and present.

These exciting new Google Meet premium features are now available to all current University of Alberta faculty and staff.

Get started leveraging these new Meet features



Increased participant limits Host meetings with up to 500 participants.
Record a meeting

Record video calls for students and others to watch later. Recordings are automatically saved to the organizer’s Meet Recordings folder in My Drive.

If you’re using captions, you now have the option to include those captions in a meeting recording.

Automated transcripts

Automatically capture the meeting discussion into a Google Doc, making it easier to follow up afterward or serve as a record.

Breakout rooms
Use breakout rooms to divide participants into smaller groups during video calls.
Create polls for participants to vote on during video calls.
Participants can ask moderators questions from within the video call.
Multiple co-hosts
Add multiple co-hosts (up to 25 max) to empower others to help set up and facilitate the class.
Dial-in numbers

US and Canadian (plus some international) phone numbers are available for dial-in*.

*Note: Airtime minutes and long distance charges may apply.

Live translated captions
Use translated captions to translate spoken English into French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.
Video framing and lighting adjustment
Enable Meet to automatically reframe or center your video before the call starts and enhance brightness levels to improve your visibility.
Noise cancellation
Participants can filter out background noise to help limit distractions during a call.
Control Slides and speaker notes

Present slides and view speaker notes without leaving the Meet window.

Live streaming

Live stream a video call for up to 100,000 viewers in the organization.

Meet productivity guides

Make meetings or classes more immersive, inclusive and productive with these Google Meet guides:

Did You Know?

Google Meet for U of A accounts

Not all Google Meet and Meet premium features identified on Google articles are available to U of A accounts. For example, Meet premium features such as breakout rooms and recording video calls are only available to current faculty and staff, not students.

Personal consumer Google accounts

Additionally, there are some Meet limitations for personal consumer Google accounts that do not apply to U of A accounts (e.g. 60 min video meeting limit and requiring a Google account to join as a participant).

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